Monday, August 26, 2013

Toy Review: Mattel Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile Toy

Mattel's Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile

Atomic Batteries to power...Turbines to speed.

Roger, ready to move out.

The above dialogues is as iconic as "To the Bat-Poles!" Or "To the Batmobile!" from the classic 1966 Batman TV series, but what does it mean? It means the Batmobile is revved up and ready for action and so is Mattel's rendition of the Dynamic Duo's rolling arsenal.

Mattel has produced many Hot Wheel versions of the most recognizable car in the world. All, in my opinion, are very well detailed and screen accurate and their latest 6 inch action figure version is no different.

Our greatest asset was the Batmobile

From Adam West's book 'Back to the Batcave':

Originally, the Batmobile was a Lincoln Futura, developed as a prototype to let the public know what kind of car was in Ford's future in the 1960s. It turned out to be the most popular show car ever for Lincoln/Mercury, and in 1959 that same Ford Futura was shipped to MGM to be used in 'It Started with a Kiss,' starring Glenn Ford and Debbie Reynolds. The car stayed at MGM because Ford (the company, not Glenn) never picked it up, and the studio sent it to George Barris's shop for storage. When they failed to pay the storage fees, he took possession of the car that was to become the most famous in the world. It cost George about $30,000 to turn the Futura into the Batmobile.

And now to the Batmobile.

This toy is as iconic as the real life version or the TV version have you. We'll you know what I mean. Not much in terms of minuses, but let's take a look:


  • The packaging is as colorful and as spectacular as the other Batman TV series toys I have reviewed like the Batusi Batman and the Batman and Robin 2-pack.
  • Without opening the package the sure detail of this vehicle apparent. From the Emergency Bat Turn Lever plaque to the seat belts, Mattel put it all in here.
  • Although, the Batmobile doesn't have much of a color scheme to it, Mattel painted everything as should be. The coloring detail on the fire extinguisher and control panel make this look like they shrank the original.

  • About the only thing that I think that would make this car cooler, and maybe we'll see a version like this if we're lucky, would be a version that lit up. Siren and all and maybe played sound effects like the care starting up or its iconic vacuum cleaner like pitched whine. Or even dialogue from the TV series.

From the rear box panel:

To the Batmobile! BATMAN and ROBIN have many gadgets in their arsenal, but non more hi-tech and stylish than the BATMOBILE - Ready to power on with the touch of a button, when the DYNAMIC DUO find themselves faced with imminent danger, laser beams, magnets, and a parachute jettison button become quite useful, and there's no need to worry about villainous takeovers, good citizen, the anti-theft activator is all the CAPED CRUSADER needs to protect his invaluable vehicle.

Mattel TV Series Batmobile rear panel packaging view

Mattel TV Series Batmobile side panel packaging view
Mattel Classic TV Series Batmobile interior package view 

Mattel 5. Target 0.

I usually steer away from ordering Online if I can and for a good reason..how crappy the packages typically get shipped and crappy packaging condition before it is mailed. It was thought that the Mattel Batmobile was to be a Toys R US exclusive, but it is not the case. Target stores do offer the Batmobile as well, and even sell it for $10 less than TRU at a retail price of $49.99. So, it was a no  brainer that I went with Target. However, disappointedly the left side of the package is crushed.

I intend to pick up another one as soon as more are available. The car is currently sold out everywhere. I will either keep this one to open or take it back to Target as soon as the have it available again and exchange it for another one of my liking.

Overall, I give a Mattel's Classic TV series Batmobile 5 out 5 bats.

Next week...we take a look at some Bat-Villains.

About the author: John Sholtz is an avid toy collector and the interim editor of the Batcave Toy Room due to the abrupt death of Bruce Wayne. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter at, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.


  1. Love this thing John but the price point on it is way too much for me to even to consider buying one at lest at the moment.

    1. It is pricey John Boy. I am glad I found it at Target for $10 less than TRU.

    2. Target always seems to have lower prices on there toys and collectibles...Man i love that store lol.

    3. Me too John Boy. I need to walk thru Target with blinders on.

  2. And the doors do not open. I have heard that as a complaint.

    1. I have too, but it doesn't bother me. I grew up on Mego Batmobile's and the doors never opened. I also, don't think many toy collector's open the doors to put their figures in and just drop them in cockpit. However, George Barris tells a tale that he welded the doors shut so Batman and Robin had to jump in the car, but on the show the doors clearly opened. Holy fish story!

  3. For the price and Adult Collector tag line I wanted it to feel a bit stronger. Maybe a couple die-cast parts and a good gauge of rubber wheels. Something more in line with the Bat-Cycle from the hotwheels line we all have sitting next to this

    1. I was going to comment on the non-rubber tires, but like the doors not opening, it doesn't bother me. Although, I wouldn't mind there being a deluxe version with rubber tires and parts like you mention, plus some light and sound effects features.


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