Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Polar Lights Batmobile 1:25 Scale Snap-Together Plastic Model Kit

I just can't get enough of George Barris' creation of the Dark Knight's car and I just couldn't pass up picking up another version of my favorite automobile. The TV series Batmobile was originally to be built by vehicle designer Dean Jeffries, when the series was to begin airing during the 1966-'67 television season. However, when ABC ramped up production on the series to air during the 1965-'66 season, Jeffries was unable to complete the Batmobile in time and the car was turned over to George Barris. Barris barely completed the car in time himself, as filming had begun on the pilot and the painting of the car was still not complete.

I picked up this second version of Polar Lights' Batmobile at Hobby Lobby. With a price tag of $27.99, it's a little steep for a snap-together kit, but with a handy dandy 40 percent off coupon, it's a little better priced.

This version comes fully painted and includes a pre-painted Batman and Robin, detailed interior, license plate and dash placard decal options, and pre-painted Bat-wheel spinners. I'd love to put this baby together, but I think I'll keep it mint in box for now.

(Assembled Version via Model Cars Magazine


  1. Greatest version of the Batmobile ever! Hands down. : )

  2. I've been looking for one myself for a while. I'm not a hobby builder by any stretch, so a snap kit works perfectly for me.

    I'd put it together and leave the box displyed behind it on the shelf if I got one.

  3. oh HELL yes! Gotta keep an eye peeled for this :D

  4. Jboy - It's definitely my favorite.

  5. Sexy Geek - Do you have a Hobby Lobby where you live? You should be able to get one there.

    Great display idea.

  6. Colin - Check out Hobby Lobby. You should be able to get one there...and don't forget to print a 40 percent off coupon. ;-)


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