Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Editions to The Batcave Toy Room: My Christmas Haul

I can't believe 2011 has come and gone. The year 2012 is here and according to the Mayan Calendar the world ends on December 21 this year. So, in that case, it's time to get things in gear. So many toys, so little time.

Here's a look at a few comic book and super hero related items my friends and family picked up for me this past Christmas. First up, Captain America: The First Avenger: U.S. Agent action figure.

My friend Paula picked up this sweet figure from Hasbro for me, which was a total surprise and a pleasant one at that. She knows about the toy room, but has never actually seen it. However, she totally branched out and really made my day. The blister card describes U S Agent armed with a Vibranium shield very similar to that of CAPTAIN AMERICA. He uses this for protection and as a weapon. Although he and CAPTAIN AMERICA have had their differences, they both agree that any threat to justice and freedom must be stopped.

Speaking of Captain America, my super cool, yet non-geek, wife picked up this Captain America: The First Avenger DVD for me. Although, I did enjoy the other live action comic hero movies this past year like Thor and Green Lantern, I thought old Cap's movie was the best.

She also picked up The Walking Dead Chronicles, which is The Official Companion Book for my favorite show. I really like this book as it compares the comic book to TV series and their differences. Plus a behind the scenes look at the making of the series. A must have for fans. I can't wait until the show is back on in February.

Last but, not least she presented me with the DC Collector's Series Pint Glass 4-Pack. The pack comes with glasses of Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman. You can check out the cool Marvel Glass Tumbler Set counterparts over at the Boy Wonder's blog the Super-Duper Toybox. These glasses are very reminiscent of the Pespi DC collector's glasses sold at fast food restaurants back in the 70's. I loved those glasses as a kid and still have the originals my parents bought me 25 years ago. These glasses are going to go great side by side with them.

So that's about it for now kids. I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and that your new year is off to a great start. Tune in next time...Same Bat Time...Same Bat Blog.


  1. Some awesome gifts John congrats on them all and i can't wait to see what else you will have to show us all in the coming year. : )

  2. Ahhh, nice haul! Love those DC glasses! ;D

  3. Jboy - Thank you sir. There's plenty to come. I wish I could post all day long. ;-)

  4. Colin - Thank you sir. I like your Marvel glasses too. Might need to try and get a set of those myself.


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