Monday, November 28, 2011

Star Wars: Imperial TIE Fighter 1978-1982 from Kenner

Aside from Darth Vader's breathing or the igniting of a lightsaber, the sound of a T.I.E. Fighter screeching through space is one most recognizable sounds from the Star Wars universe.The T.I.E Fighter is also an integral part to any Star Wars toy collection.

After the Millennium Falcon, the T.I.E Fighter, or quite possibly the Imperial Troop Transporter (depending which I opened first) was one of my first vehicles from Kenner's Star Wars line. Receiving my first T.I.E Fighter for Christmas in 1980 as gift from my eldest sister. I actually received both the T.I.E. Fighter and Imperial Troop Transporter plus two Stormtroopers, Hammerhead, and a Rebel Soldier from my big sister that year for Christmas, which that holiday helped to wrap up the the gaps in my collection before the discontinuing of many of the original line of toys and the release of the second wave of toys from The Empire Strikes Back.

There would later be a bluish gray battle damaged version released, but for now we'll start with the classic white.

Authentically detailed TIE Fighter has two large "Solar panels" on either side of a spherical cockpit. Special buttons release panels to simulate "Battle Damage" action.

Hand operated lever raises seat and escape hatch to allow child to seat DARTH VADER or other Star Wars figures. Child? What do they mean by child?

For added play excitement, a dramatics red laser cannon  lights up and emits a "whining" laser sound when rear deck button is pushed.

Ironically, for the third wave of toys from The Empire Strikes Back, Kenner created action figures such the Imperial TIE Fighter pilot and Twin Pod Cloud Car pilot, but discounted the vehicles they piloted. How crazy is that?


  1. Very nice.
    I am surprised that it's so white. Most older toys from back then yellowed pretty bad from the chemicals. But that seems to have held up pretty well.
    Would love to ad some more classic Star Wars to my collection. ^_^
    Thanks for the look.

  2. This one is so great! My friend had one as a kid and we played with it for hours.

  3. Big Daddy Darth - Me too. My TIE Bomber and most of my Stormtroopers have yellowed. However, my TIE Fighter is like brand new. Maybe it's because I keep it in the box. I would love to see more of your Star Wars collection.

  4. Jboy - Always a good time. I'll be posting all the different versions eventually.

  5. Wow... What an awesome toy. I had the later blue Jedi version of this and would run around the backyard with my TIE Fighter in one hand and my X-wing in the other acting out some epic chases.

    Great post, John!

  6. Reis - I used to do the same thing. For some reason I liked to run my X-Wing through tree branches too. I guess I was recreating Luke's landing on Dagobah. Goodtimes. Watch for a post of the blue TIE Fighter. Coming sooner or later.


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