Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Star Wars Exclusives Only at Target

The exclusive Star Wars toys only at Target are reminiscent of the Sears Christmas exclusives back in the day like the Cloud City Playset or Imperial Cruiser. I passed on last years TIE Fighter and Rebel Armored Snow Speeder. Part of me wishes I hadn't and I have somewhat of an urge to start collecting them.

Revenge From The Cosmic Ark posted pics of the Search for Luke Skywalker a couple of weeks ago, but lets take a look at the set that includes an open belly Tauntaun, Han Solo in Hoth outfit and a Rebel Soldier again.

The set sells for $24.99 and is well worth it taking in the consideration that individual action figures go for $8.99 separately.

Also, the standard Tauntaun is for sale as well and has cool vintage style photos with action figures posed in the same way as the packaging of the vintage Tautaun from Kenner.

Last but not least is the ultra cool Landspeeder. Another entry in the vintage box style collection. All and all these new toy are pretty cool and I feel my collection calling them to join the fray, but at $24.99, I don't know if the Tauntaun and Landspeeder are worth it. I think if they were more like $14.99, they would be priced just right, but then again, can you put a price on the toys you love?


  1. The Target exclusive is real value for $$$!! I wish I could get one of them! I wish there was a Target in my country! & it comes with 2 figures too!

    Price of toys tis day are crazy (especially where I am at)!
    But where u r at, the Taun2 & Landspeeder @ $24.99 seems like a damn good deal (a dollar to a dollar comparison)!!!
    You will be shock how much it is over here at Singapore... The taun taun & landspeeder retails at USA$54.96 (SGD$70) each; individual action figures goes for USA$14.99 each. Thatz wat i call crazy!

  2. Cosmicbaby- Ouch! Sounds like I need to quit complaining. I think Alex from Toyhaven has a similar problem, especially with shipping costs. I guess my point was the cost of the Tauntaun and Lanspeeder was not comparable to the The Search for Luke, TIE Fighter, and Snowspeeder. You get more for your money with those toys.

  3. Thanks for the mention as always John and yeah i saw the Land Speeder on my last trip to Target as well.

  4. Jboy- You're welcome sir. I do like it, but I am going back and forth on it. I have some other acquisitions in mind first.

  5. "but lets take a look at the set that includes an open belly Tauntaun"

    I have this set open and it is not an open belly TaunTaun, unless you pry the glued panel off the bottom of the toy. Still a great set, I am quit happy with it and the Han has articulated hips so he can sit in the saddle.

  6. Chunky B- Gee whiz! What did they do? Take an open belly TaunTaun and plug the hole? How cheap. It's cool Han fits in the saddle. Much better than the vintage trap door version.


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