Friday, October 28, 2011

Weekly Toy Blog Roundup: Halloween, The Dead Will Walk for a Third Season, and Another Round of Purging

It's been another fangasmic week at The Batcave Toy Room as the purging continues. I only put up one group of items for sale this week on eBay to test the waters, but next week I will probably put up more than one group of items for sale. It's been great going through the bins and bins of toys I have and I look forward to sharing them all with you. Hope you all have a great weekend. In the meanwhile...

New toy blogs I am following:

Chemical Toys

Kisho Meteora Star Wars Collector

This weeks top articles:
  1. 31 Days of Halloween Day 20: Spooky Toy Review - Universal Monsters Retro Cloth: Mummy By Diamond Select Toys @ Needless Things
  2. It's a Girl @ Toyriffic
  3. Batman and The Hulk (Retro) @ The Brave and the Bold...The Lost Issues
  4. http://that-figures.blogspot.com/2011/10/news-amc-renews-walking-dead-for-third.html @ That Figures
  5. In Stores Now! Star Wars: The Search For Luke Skywalker @ Revenge From The Cosmic Ark
  6. The Batman & Robin Aventures #9 @ Batman The Animated Toys
  7. I AM Big, It's The Internet That Got Small @ Calvin's Canadian Cave of Cool
  8. I love the smell... @ Electrorama
  9. To the Batmobiles! @ Cm's Blog From Another Brain
  10. Happy Halloween!!! @ = 1966 Batman Batboat =
If you have recommendations for other toy blogs that I have over looked and might be candidates for the Weekly Toy Blog Roundup, please sound off.

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