Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween from The Batcave Toy Room 2011

John and Claire say Trick or Treat from the Batcave Toy Room. Claire is actually going to be a lady bug for Halloween, but she still loves hanging out in the toy room with Daddy. Including Daddy's Batman masks.


  1. I love this picture and Happy Halloween John. : )

  2. Great pic! that cowl fits frighteningly well, Man :) hope you had a good time trick or treating... i always seem to miss out on Halloween, dunno why

  3. Jboy- Thank you my friend. You too!

  4. Colin- Thank you, sir. I guess I was meant to be Batman, just like you were meant to be Robin. It was great. My daughter was really into it this year. You need to get in there, man. Halloween is Super-Duper cool.


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