Thursday, September 8, 2011

Vintage Captain Kirk by Mego 1975-1977, 1979

The first toy up for the 45th Anniversary of Star Trek Week at The Batcave Toy Room is none other than Captain Kirk. Captain James T(ibereus) Kirk to be exact. Kirk was part of Mego's highly detailed 8" inch action figure line and based on the original Star Trek TV series.

The likeness of actor William Shatner is dead on. Mego's sculptors did an awesome job getting the look right for this action figure. Mego could do an awesome job when they wanted too.

Kirk is uniformed in his traditional command yellow tunic with Federation insignia and comes complete with phaser and communicator molded in blue.

Capt. Kirk was released twice originally from 1975-1977 and then again in 1979 for Star Trek: The Motion Picture. I had picked mine up in the 80's, when cases of mint figures were found in a warehouse in Canada. Intergalactic Trading Company had acquired the cases and I was fortunate to get one. I wish there were acrylic cases back then as my Kirk has a creased blister card. I didn't get it that way, but it wasn't packed properly during a move. As most of you know I am a Star Wars collector, but when the chance came to get this baby mint I jumped at. Overall, I am glad to have this well done figure in my collection.

Check out he Mego Star Trek action figure commercial below:


  1. I used to have the Romulan as a kid and these days i want to get a hold Dr.McCoy one as he is my favorite Star Trek character.

  2. Dr. McCoy is cool and the action figure Mego made of him is awesome too.


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