Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Vintage Star Wars Action Figure Display Arena 1981-1982 by Kenner

The Star Wars Action Figure Display Arena came with four L shaped cream colored figure stands and four two-sided color picture cards attached in pairs, which gave you eight different backdrops in all. Also included were assembly instructions and toy catalog from Kenner's Empire Strikes Back line.

The Display Arena was offered on Empire Strikes Back 45 back cards for ten proof of purchase seals from the back of the backer cards and $2.00.

Since I was a box hoarder and kept not only my boxes from playsets and such, I also kept the backer cards from the figures. Thus giving me an endless supply of proof of purchase seals. Whenever a free mail in offer came around, I was always ready to go and didn't have to buy five or more new figures to get the exclusive toy or actions figures Kenner would offer. With this offer however, I had neglected to notice that this one was not for free, but actually would cost two bucks. I had mistakenly sent only the proof seals, but shortly after sent the money to follow, but this had caused a lot of back and forth of seals and checks. I must say though, Kenner's customer service was outstanding and eventually everything came together. Thanks to Kenner, I am able to share this toy (if I may be so bold as to call it that)with you today.

The Star Wars Action Figure Display Arena mailer was the Empire Strikes Back follow up to the Star Wars logo Display Stand. This display arena provider kids with ESB backdrops for displaying their figures. Sorry, gang. The original offer expired July 31, 1982. So you'll have to find this one on eBay.

You can see a video how the arena came packaged HERE.


  1. GREAT stuff! I didn't remember that, but gosh we were flooded with all things Star Wars back then :) Thanks!

  2. It could be because it was a mail in offer, but you are right, there is so much stuff out there. I bet there is tons of stuff we had forgotten about or never seen.

  3. I found my Display Arena recently, still intact with all the backdrops and even the instruction sheet.
    Any idea about its value?

  4. That is awesome, I don't remember it at all. So much great vintage stuff out there! Thanks for sharing this.

  5. abgwin- Most collector's guides list the Star Wars Display Arena as valueed at $70-110, but I have seen them go for as little as $20-30 on eBay.

  6. Ron R.- Welcome to The Batcave Toy Room! Yeah, it was a mail in offer only. So, most don't remember it or never heard of it.


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