Sunday, June 5, 2011

Vintage Amazing Spider-Car by Mego 1976-1980

If Spider-Man needs a Spider-Man helicopter, he of course needs an Amazing Spider-Car. Stan Lee was applaud that Mego produced vehicles for Batman and not Spider-Man, but it was only logical that they didn't. Batman actually did have the Batcave, Wayne Foundation Building, Batmobile, Bat-Cycle, and Batcopter in the comics, but Spider-man didn't have a vehicles or a secret lair for that matter. Nevertheless, Mego produced the Amazing Spider-Car for Spidey and at the same time also produced the Captain Americar for Captain America and the Green Arrow car for Green Arrow. Both Captain America's and Green Arrow's vehicles were pulled after one year for low sales, but the Spider-Car was a good seller for several years.

The 1976 Mego product catalog describes Spider-Man's ride as a new weapon for battling foes of justice everywhere. He sees trouble ahead and presto...the secret spidernet pops into place from the rear compartment. It's a catch for the day. The Spidercar is scaled to hold your Spidey figure and take him and you for a long ride into adventureland for exciting playtimes.

Although, I am primarily a Batman kind of guy, there are some pretty cool toys out there for Spidey. This one included. The foe net trap about says it all.

Where are you coming from Spider-Man? Nobody knows who you are. Actually, just between you and me, I think he's Peter Parker.


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