Monday, May 30, 2011

Guy Gardner Green Lantern Matty Collector Retro-Action DC Super Hereos Exclusive # 2

The postman cameth and as promised here are pics of my Guy Gardener. The second release of Matty Collector's exclusive Green Lantern Retro-Action DC Super Heroes.

As usual the Matty Collector exclusive action figure came in an exclusive (no pun intended) special box with the characters name stenciled on the front.

Next to my Captain Cold this runner up to Hal Jordan is probably one of my favorites in terms to the details of the figure.

The figure is comic book accurate from leather jacket, belt and right down to his boots.

Look at that smirk. Even a vintage Mego Mr. Mxyzptlk would be jealous.

Guy Gardner also includes a power battery, which is the same mold found with the original Green Lantern from wave I and Sinestro figures.

I love being able to buy directly from Matty Collector, but I have a couple of issues which seems to be a problem with the exclusive packages these figures come in. Although, I didn't have this problem with Sinestro in Sinestro Corp outfit, I did have a problem with creasing and bending of the blister cards of both my Green Arrow and Guy Gardner.

I do have several examples of loose toys, but once I have them mint in box, I tend to like to keep them way. The exclusive boxes seem to be a little to tight and possibly the care in which figures is placed in the box is lax. With the cost of the shipping what it is, it makes this to be a little bit of an expensive collectible to not come in a mint box. It does leave me a little perturbed, but over all the figure is awesome and is a welcome addition to the collection.

Next month John Stewart. On sale June 15!


  1. Awesome! I finally scored Hal Jordan on eBay :)

  2. Lucky! He's the only one I am missing from the entire series.


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