Thursday, April 21, 2011

First Look at Tom Hardy on the Set of The Dark Knight Rises

Since Tom Hardy was the first to be announced to have a starring role in The Dark Knight Rises, it is only fitting that the first pic we get to see is Hardy on the set of the latest Batman movie.

Hardy has been cast as the villain Bane. The arch enemy known to be the one that broke Batman's back. Some Bat-fans have had concerns that Hardy wouldn't be able to bulk up enough, but he looks like he got beefed up to me. Besides, if he were to get much bigger, would it really look realistic? I know Bane is huge in the comics, but come on, you can't be Hulkish with out some CG.

It is unknown at this time if this is the final look for the villain behind the wrestling match, but we'll see. Filming begins next month and before you know it, more pics will be floating around.

(via Comic Book Movie)

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