Monday, February 7, 2011

2011 Retro-Action DC Super Heroes Ad

I got a glimpse of this cool ad from Toyfare #163, which prominently features the removable cowl Batman. I just finished completing my collection of the third wave of the Retro-Action DC Super Heroes and I am already looking forward to wave four. I haven't seen characters past wave four, but I sure hope there is going to be a wave five.

(via The Aquaman Shrine)


  1. Is this Bat-Man out for sale now at Toys R' Us? I have yet to see anything past wave 1 in my area.

  2. Yes, I am a proud owner of one these Batman's myself. I need to post some pics of it. Mattel is actually up to the 3rd wave right now, with the 4th wave coming up in a couple of months. I have three Toys R Us and there were 2 express stores open the latter half of the year for Christmas in my area. I actually picked mine up at one of the express stores. One of three stores has only carried the 1st wave as well. I asked one of the employees if they were ever going to get the other waves and he told me they have no control over what comes in. I am assuming if the 1st wave was not a big seller at the store, they didn't get any of the other waves.


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