Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Flash: 3rd Wave Retro-Action DC Super Heroes

The third wave of Mattel's Retro-Action DC Super Heroes has been released and I have jumped all over it. The first up for me with this wave is The Flash.

Mattel continues with the Mego like line of action figures with a figure that Mego had planned, but never produced. The Flash looks ultra cool and very much looking like what I think he would have if Mego themselves had actually produced this character.

The Flash has a nice head sculpt and captures the characters personality.

Body suit is very much like the standard Mego issued body suit used for the majority of the action figures in the vintage line. Like the blister cards for "wave 1", where we got a sneak peek at Batman for "Wave 2", we get a sneak peek at Shazam for "Wave 4".

Nice detailed boots. Had Mego produced the figure he probably would have been given the same boots that were used for the vintage Shazam. Mego was famous for recycling the same parts for multiple figures.

All in all I like this newly acquired addition to the family and helps fill the gap on what could have been with the original WGSH line.


  1. Mego DID make a Kid Flash though (Teen Titans)- very rare

  2. Very true. I always thought it strange for Mego to prodcue Kid Flash and not The Flash.


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