Monday, December 27, 2010

Natalie Portman Out of the Running For Batman 3

We've seen Padme pregnant with twins in the Star Wars prequels, but this time it is real. A rep for the 29 year old Golden Globe nominated actress confirms that Natalie Portman is pregnant.

And then there were five. We previously reported that director Christopher Nolan had a list of six actresses that he was meeting with for parts as either a villain or love interest in The Dark Knight Rises. Since Natalie Portman will probably be due or there abouts the time that Batman 3 will beginning filming, she is most likely out of the running.

Portman has not released the due date of the baby or her forthcoming wedding. That's right fellas, Portman is off the market. She is engaged too.

(via TheMarqueeBlog)

Update 01/04/10: Natalie Portman who was interviewed recently by Entertainment Weekly was asked about her possible role in The Dark Knight, What was her reply? "Oh, I don't know anyhting about that." The fact that she is now pregnant leaves Natalie Portman out of the running for Batman 3. Since filming will probably begin around the time she is due.

(via People)


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