Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spider-man...Where Are You Coming From Spider-man?

I was always more of an Electric Company kind of kid. Sesame Street just never appealed to me. Sesame Street had some animated shorts with Batman and Robin every once in a blue moon, but Electric Company always had Spider-man.

Remember that 70's style theme song? Gary William Friedman wrote several songs as music director and composer for The Electric Company. He is also the vocalist on the song and recorded under the pseudonym Will Power. If you haven't heard the entire theme before take a listen below.

Mego even promoted to "Read Spidey Comics And Watch him on TV's Electric Company". You can see here the header from my boxed Mego Spider-man.

Spider-man never faced any of his comic villains in these shorts. Instead he faced villains like The Wall or Silly Willy, but it was still cool nevertheless.

Spider-man never talked on Electric Company. In order to get children to read, speech balloons (like in the comics) would pop up so you could read what Spider-man had to say.

Spider-man, Where are you coming from?
Spider-man, Nobody Knows Who You are
Spider-man, You've got that Spidey Touch
Spider-man, You are a Web-Slinging Star!

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  1. Loved spidey on the Electric company, even more than Easy Reader.

  2. Easy reader was cool. Can you believe Morgan Freeman has gone from Easy Reader to playing Lucius Fox in the latest Batman movies.


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