Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another Cool Star Wars Toy From the 2010 Toy Fair

I am very excited about the rocket firing Boba Fett that was announced at this years toy fair (I need to find out how to get tickets to that thing). Here's another look at Hasbro out doing themselves with an update to the AT-AT.

Back in 1981 when Kenner released the original vintage AT-AT I thought it was the Catwoman's meow. It is one of the greatest Star Wars toys the had ever come out with.

The Empire Strikes Back celebrates it's 30th birthday this year and Hasbro is helping to celebrate with this baby.

The chin blasters have sound effects from the movie, has movie quotes from Darth Vader himself, has a winch so you can help Luke plant his grenade, a back that opens to reveal speeder bike storage. The All Terran Armored Transport holds up to 20 figures with room for two pilots and a commander in the cockpit. It comes with an AT-At driver and feet sized to scale so it can crush anything that crosses its path.

The force is with Hasbro on this one.

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