Thursday, January 28, 2010

I miss Battlestar Galactica

I never collected any toys that were Battlestar Galactica related, but I did love both versions of the show. I am also looking forward to the new series Caprica. Named after the planet that the Galactica was originally built to represent. I enjoyed the pilot and thought it was neat to see the creation of the Cylons.

For the third season premiere of BSG I had the pleasure of meeting several other BSG Fans at the third season Premier Frak Party hosted by Matt Campagna and Nat Tubanos of Your Geek News and BSG Cast fame.

Matt and Nat put on good time with a weekend full of fun. There were even cast members from the show there. It was a great time and hopefully Matt and Nat will one day do a Caprica Frak Party. Anyway I thought I would share some pics from the first Frak Party.

Hera I am Luciana Carro, who played Kat on the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica series. She was a sweetheart. She hung out the whole weekend with us and even went to dinner with a group of us. Class act all the way.

Here I am with Mat and Nat. If you haven't seen their sites BSGCast.com and YourGeekNews.com, check them out. They do movie reviews and news at Your Geek News and episode reviews of Battlestar Galactica (soon to be Caprica reviews) at BSGCast. They did a great job hosting the party. They did another Frak Party for the series finale, but was held in L.A., while the first party was held in my hometown of Las Vegas, I wasn't able to get out of town for the second. If only it had been a week later.

Luciana with Rudy Jahchan from Galacticast.com. Yes, those are pantie's on Luciana's head. Wouldn't you like to know what's up with that.

Group shot of Mat and Nat, Kevin Grazier (who was the scientific advisor for the show), Ryan Keeton author of Battlestar Prometheus and his wife, and Luciana.

Fans of TV series, Movies, comic books, Batman, Star wars, Battlestar Galactica or whatever are always great. People call us Geeks, but really we're the coolest people you'll ever know.

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