Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Shopping Spree We Will Go At Hake's Americana and Collectibles

If money were no object I would have one hell of good time shopping over at Hake's Americana and Collectibles . However, if money were no object where would the challenge be?

I already have many of the items up for grabs this go around, but there is still plenty of toys and pop culture collectibles up for sale that I would love to get my hands on and fill the gaps in my collection, but since I didn't win the Powerball last night let's take a look at a few items that might be in my price range.

Friends and followers know I love Mego's World's Greatest Super Heroes and I still have plenty of room in the Batcave Toy Room to fill the gaps in my collection. Here's some Mego items from Auction #209 that I would love to pick up.

Mego 12.5 Superman Hake's Auction #209
I've had two of these Superman in my life time and still have one, but he's missing a boot and I don't have the box. This one still has the Kmart price tag still on it, which ironically, is where both of my Superman's were purchased.

Auction Description: ©1977 DC Comics Inc. Window box contains 12.5" tall poseable figure of Superman. Box art shows Superman, his parents, as well as other figures available in line: Jor-el, Superman, General Zod and Lex Luthor. Box front flap has not been folded over but box shows slight wear and is VF. Figure is Mint in box. (G - $100 to $200)

Mego Comic Action Heroes Hake's Auction #209
Mego's Comic Action Heroes were a staple to my toy collection as a child, but I don't have any surviving specimen's currently in my collection. These would make a welcome addition to the toy room and great way to kick off the re-collecting of these Mego action figures.

Auction Description: ©1975 Marvel Comics. 4.5x9" cards. #62102/2,#62101/1,#62101/4. Mego 3.75" Poseable Spider-Man, Shazam and Superman figures and stands. Superman card front is NM. Spider-Man card front has a slight edge bump and is Exc. Shazam card front has a crease on left side. Card blisters have been cut across top half to remove figures, otherwise front displays VF. Images of heroes and villains on cards back are glossy and vibrant and display Exc. Figures are NM. (G - $100 to $200)

I am having a heart attack over the Star Wars greatness up for auction this go round. I could go ape over all there is up for grabs this time, but I'll try not to be too greedy and just pick a few items.

ESB Style "A" poster Hake's Auction #209

ESB Style "B" Poster Hake's Auction #209
Man, do I have some posters, but these two are absent from my collection. The Empire Strikes back is my favorite Star Wars movie, hell, what am I saying? It's my favorite movie of all time. I never get tired of looking at the art work from Episode V.

Auction Description: Pair of 27x41" original printing posters for 1980 "Star Wars" sequel. "Style A" poster features art by Roger Kastel and features "Gone With The Wind" style art showing Han Solo and Princess Leia about to kiss w/image of Luke Skywalker on Tauntaun. Poster has been folded w/some handling wear and aging along margins and fold lines. Tiny tears at fold crease intersections. Fine. "Style B" poster features art by Tom Jung and features huge Darth Vader towering over others. Folded as issued w/some handling wear and tape stains along margins. Fine overall. (H - $200 to $400)

Kenner 12 inch IG-88 Hake's Auction #209
Although my Star Wars toy collection is pretty extensive, I have never owned any 12 inch Star Wars action figures. I need them all, but IG-88 is the rarest and I can't think of a better way to kick off the start of my 12 inch Star Wars collection.

Auction Description: Boxed 15" tall Bounty Hunter figure. ©1980 Lucasfilm Ltd. Figure comes w/cartridge belt w/complete amount of cartridges, rifle, pistol and articulated head, arms, wrists and hips. Box flap has been folded over and box has scattered lt. wear at corners. Original store price sticker at upper right. Original tape seals remain unbroken and figure is still tied to card. Box is Fine/VF. Figure Mint in box. One of the rarest and most desirable of the 12" scale Star Wars figures. (I - $400 to $700)

I could go on for days about this auction, but I'll save some items for others like The Sexy Geeks House of Swag, The Goodwill Geek, and Diary of a Dorkette . Thanks to Brian over at Cool and Collected and Hake's for the chance to win a $100 credit and a chance to maybe add these great items to my collection.

About the author: John Sholtz is an avid toy collector and the interim editor of the Batcave Toy Room due to the abrupt death of Bruce Wayne. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter at, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.


  1. I can't get over the nice detail on the Mego Superman's face. He looks really cool. And both Empire Strikes Back posters look great, but that first one is just stunning.

    1. Yes, Mego did a great job with this line of 12 inch Superman's. The Jor-El and General Zod in that line look awesome too. That Style "A" ESB poster is my favorite. Even though I don't own one, yet. ;-)

  2. Has there aver been a good explanation given as to what those Comic Action Figures are supposed to be doing in that pose? ;)

    1. I've had my own thoughts on the subject over the years that I can't post here, but the arms, when raised, give the appearance of them putting up their dukes or you can push them back and have the appearance of running. You know...pose them in any action position. ;-)


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